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Webinar tipsWebinar tips… straight from the {VA} trenches. Ignore this at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though 😉

I kid you not when I tell you that webinars are a surefire conversion booster.

Webinars do for sales what chia seeds do for your green smoothies.

Yep. They supercharge them. Sha-weet!!

But, I know what you’re thinking. I hear ya. Loud and clear.

Pam…buuuuut why do webinars work?

For a million reasons, my gorgeous girl, but to keep this short and sweet, webinars work because they help your customers, prospects, clients to “connect” with you.

Folks can hear you.

They may even, see you. EEK!! (Just kidding)

They get to ask you questions, exactly as if they’re sitting in your living room, right across from you.

It brings alive that personal connection that can sometimes fade away when you’re online.

If you have a course to launch, a pipeline to fill, a product to sell… you need webinars in your arsenal, just like I need coffee to start my day. Non-negotiable, baby!

Here’s the thing… I’ve helped hundreds of coaches, just like you, host incredibly powered up webinars, that have helped fill up their courses and their client pipelines, faster than you can say “Hot-diggity-doo!”

So, I’m putting on my Webinar Wonder Woman costume and dishing out webinar tips to help you skyrocket registrations and sales, right on call.

5 Must-Know, Must-Follow Webinar Tips for Coaches

1. Plan for Success

It all starts with the plan, dahling!

Make sure you map out the flow of your webinar, so you aren’t rambling on or fumbling about, like a guy on his first date.

Your plan must include the outcome from the webinar and you can then, reverse engineer the plan from there.

Don’t let the term reverse engineer throw you. It’s just fancy geek speak for “work backwards” 😉

2. Create a Deck That Delights

Psst…here’s a secret.

Your webinar is only as good as the slides you use.

If you’re going to be using a deck {and I recommend you do!}, make sure it’s designed to delight.

Use key phrases instead of full-blown sentences.

Use eye-catching annotations and graphics.

But, like with all things good, don’t go overboard and turn your deck into something that looks like a preschooler went to town on it!

3. Interact and Engage

The charm of webinars lies in the connection. You aren’t there to simply show up and chat your head off.

You’re there to connect with prospects.

You’re there to create a relationship that’ll last long after the webinar’s over.

You’re there to inspire and encourage.

That starts way before you start sharing your stuff.

Show up and start on time. Chat with attendees, like you’d chat with me should you find me at a coffee shop.

You wouldn’t try to sell me stuff straight off the bat, would you? I hope not! I like you 😉

4. Standout with Social

Not only should you be sharing your webinar on social, you must also have folks who register share it too. Sharing is caring, as the purple dinosaur would say!

Create a fun hashtag and have prizes for the ones who share the most. Again, this is part of that whole connecting thing I was talking about.

5. Checks in Place

Once you have your flow, deck and social strategy down pat, it’s time to put a few checks in place.

  • Run a test webinar a few days before. It may just be a friend or your VA and you, but test every part of it.
  • Have a point person. Ahem, you know who you can reach out to for this, right? 😉
  • What’s Plan B? Say, all hell breaks loose, what’ll be your backup?
  • Keep your eyes on the road. You know what they say about driving and talking on the phone? Yeah, it’s the same with webinar-ing and keeping notifications on. You run the risk of crashing big time. Turn off notifications and keep your phone on silent during the webinar.

Are you thinking about webinars? You’re right to be doing that. It’s time to take the thought and turn it into action. If you already have your webinar planned, I want to know all about it. Give me the deets in the comments and let’s get this party started!