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14359666_10208845341429175_846384691_oOkay, buttercup, I want you to pull up your chair a bit closer, lean in and listen up…

Do you want more clients?

Do you crave for a place in the spotlight, rubbing shoulders with industry leaders and influencers?

Do you secretly envy that coach who just pulled off a half a million dollar launch?

If yes, you need to keep reading and taking notes. Yep, this is Pam putting on her professor cap and you better pay attention in class!

Y’see, I wrote a short while ago about how blogging can skyrocket success for coaches, but there’s a lot more to it.  Sure blogging can help you stand out, give you a personality and create far-reaching impact, but it can also, get clients knocking down your {virtual} door and A-listers sitting up to take notice.

Today, we’re going to look at the 5 unbeatable advantages of blogging for your business, brand and bottomline.

You’re welcome, darling!


5 Unbeatable Advantages of Blogging You Cannot Afford to Overlook

1. Blogging Builds a Brand

First up, blogging like we’ve already established, helps you carve our a clear personality and that ties in beautifully with your brand, my darling.

Whether you’re a coach who thrives on being a rebel or an entrepreneur who’s passionate about systems and strategies {ahem!}, you’ll find blogging gives you an outlet to let that flag fly, loud and proud!

2. Blogging Brings Clients

This one, chica, is uber-important.

Blogging is good for business because it brings clients to you. When you start to share content that your ideal clients dream about, struggle with, seek and Google until the wee hours of the night, you can bet they’re going to love you when they find your content.

Blogging doesn’t only put you in the search engines, it puts you right in front of people who’re searching, desperately I might add, for YOU.

3. Blogging Begins to Get You Noticed

How would you like to be the cool kid who everyone wants to be friends with?

A lot, right?

Blogging does that for you.

When you start to pump out content that has a solid voice, a clear point of view and pulls no punches, you can bet folks are going to pay attention.

And not just any folks, m’friend, but folks who matter. Industry leaders and influencers notice when there’s someone who doesn’t hesitate to tell it like it is, gives incredible value but adds immensely to the conversation as well.

Want to know how to write so people pay attention? Here are content writing tips that’ll help you make an impact with your very first word!

4. Blogging Breaks Down Barriers

Oh, how I love this one!

Y’see, the reason most people don’t work with you is because they aren’t sure.

They aren’t sure whether you can bring results.

They aren’t sure whether they can trust you.

They aren’t sure whether you’ll give them what they’re looking for.

You can proceed to coolly and calmly smash all of these barriers with your blog posts.

Yessss, that’s right, dollface!

Blogging establishes trust when you share information that brings results and shows your readers that you know what you’re talking about.

5. Blogging Boosts Your Bottomline

And ladies {and gentlemen!} this sucker is my favorite. That’s right. Blogging boosts your bottomline. Say it out loud. Feels good, doesn’t it.

Blogging brings in the big bucks. How you ask?

By doing everything I just listed above, sweetheart.

Blogging puts you in front of prospective clients, breaks down barriers and objections, shines a spotlight on you and builds a brand people cannot help but notice… and when all these things happen, you end up with a client pipeline that’s brimming over!


Okay then, now you know why you need to be blogging like yesterday… so pop in your latest blog post link in the comments, compadre, I want to check it out!