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Have you gone to a certain site and bought a product that you don’t need? Or do you need a particular one but having second thoughts of clicking the BUY button?

Most online businesses do a market research or a survey first, before they launch a product or service sold online. They study how buyers behave, how to target them, how to build trust and relationship and even how to CREATE a NEED for their product.


Theses are what the well-established online or traditional businesses do to sell something but as a small and starting business owner, what can you do to replicate the same without having to spend much? What are the things that you, as business owners should do in order to create a product that sells?

I’ve researched online and found a couple of tips, and I collated all of them.Here are some examples :

1. Make sure the value is obvious – every product should solve a certain problem or answer a specific question . Once you understand this, it give an obvious value to your product. No need for salesy speeches and demonstration.

2. Unlearn what you know and step into your market’s shoes – most business owners overlook this part because of one simple reason. They thought that their market also knows what they know. Step out of your box first and think like someone that doesn’t know anything about what you’re selling. Make their questions answered and offer a solution to their problem. By thinking like that, you’ll be able to think of more products than you can imagine.

3. Get to know your clients – this is where the picture of an IDEAL CLIENT comes in. As a business owner, you should know how your clients think, what they like, what are the problems they’re facing, questions they may have that needs answered and things that will make them feel happy or entertained.


4. Deliver as you promise – most products I see online over promise and delivers less. This lessens your credibility and most likely, an unsatisfied customer will not buy again, right? So, make sure that you deliver as you promise in your marketing campaign.

5. Give better delivery options – if you are selling online, (which is most likely) you should think of ways to get the products to your customers fast, lesser or no hassle at all and again, “deliver as you promise”. Make sure that the courier knows how to deliver the product safely, fast and with tracking options for better customer satisfaction.


6. Make it look professional – packaging says a lot about a product. Let’s face it. Most people “judge the book by its cover” so don’t take the risk of not having your product seen by an expert in packaging. Make sure that the pictures and graphics looks and feels the same as your website theme. It’s called “the product extendability.” That mean that your packaging can be adapted from one product to another in order to create the same feeling that your business wants to convey to your market. It helps build trust and credibility, too.

These are just some of the few suggestions out there. There are more, of course! Always remember that there are tons of help out there, choose your best judgement and pick what you think is best. Feel free to comment your questions and suggested topics and I’ll be happy to answer or write them for you. Share if you think someone may benefit from this post and thank you in advance.