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7 Lies Coaches Tell Themselves PINTERESTBeing an online life coach or any other coach isn’t easy.

As someone who works closely with some of the best coaches in the world as part of their team, I see the challenges they face… up, close and personal. Okay, now are you thinking of Michelle Pfeiffer in that movie now? 😉  Whoops! Took a momentary detour there.

To come back to the point…here’s the truth.

It isn’t pretty.

As much as everyone would like you to believe that being a coach is a bed of roses… the truth is that that bed comes with its share of thorns. Ouch!

So, even if coaching is your life’s calling, it is essential that you are straight up, honest with yourself, right from the start. It’ll be a lot easier for you.

Luckily, like Rod Tidwell had Jerry Maguire… you have me 😉 There’s a reason they call me  “ your partner in success!”

So, here are 7 heart-breaking, soul-crushing life coaches (and frankly any online entrepreneur) need to STOP telling themselves right now:

Lie #1. I can do it all… by myself

This is one of those things we tell ourselves to prove that we’re Wonder Woman. Honestly, honey, you aren’t. Neither am I. Neither is that friend of yours who seems 100% pulled together, all…the…time.

We’re all Wonderful Women trying to do the best we can, most of the time.

So, stop telling yourself that you can do it all by yourself. You wouldn’t be any weaker or less successful if you got the help you needed to either manage the business or home. That’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 😉

Lie #2. I can’t do it all… by myself

Now, here’s another one I see often.

It’s the exact opposite of #1. It’s the “damsel-in-distress” lie. Oh, I can’t do this at all. I can’t. I need someone to rescue me.

Well, listen up girlfriend, you don’t need anyone to rescue you.

Sure, you may need some help but you got the goods. To tell yourself that you can’t do it all at all is underestimating your intelligence, capabilities and talents. I refuse to let you do that. Yep. Deal with it.

The thing is  – sure you do need support. But what you don’t need is letting a lack of support stop you from going after your big, scary goals. Okay?

Lie #3. I need expensive tools to get my coaching business off the ground

No, you don’t.  Period. Many of the tools I recommend to my clients are free or really inexpensive and they do the job just as well or even better, than the fancy-schmancy, shiny new kid on the block.

So, if that’s a lie you’re telling yourself, let’s talk. No, I mean it. Let’s talk. Clickety-click here and let’s have a quick chat. You bring the coffee, I’ll bring the cookies ;).

Lie #4. I need a big team to help me run my business

Again, you don’t. For many of my highly successful clients, I’m their one-person army. That’s right. It’s them and me, and we can still bring in the big bucks.

Yes, you can pick up your jaw from the floor now. You’ll be surprised to hear that many of the most successful online coaches run a lean team. It’s easier for them to manage and stay on top of things.

The only thing you need to ensure is that the people on your team are fully capable of supporting your growth, your success.

Lie #5. I shouldn’t coach unless I have all my ducks in a row

Oh, this is a biggie. Almost as big as the “I can do it all myself” one.

I need a perfect website.

I need the latest laptop or MacBook.

I need professional headshots.

I need all the fancy set up to record videos like a pro.

I need…

I need…. (insert excuse here)

And once I have all of this, then I’ll start.

OK – This is the saddest story ever and I’ll be totally honest, it was a lie I told MYSELF for a very long time.

Do not let analysis paralysis strike your success down. You are doing yourself and others a gross injustice by holding back your talents and skills, by waiting to get everything lined up perfectly.

Here’s the truth, gorgeous. Just as my pasta sauce always needs tweaking, so will your online business needs. You’ll always need something or the other. Don’t let that hold you back. I don’t. I make yummy pasta every week 😉

Lie #6. I’m a coach. I don’t need someone to coach me.


Even the best coaches in the world have a coach or mentor.

We all have those times that we need someone to help us center ourselves and focus. You need someone who can help you easily smash through the blocks. It surprises me how often I find myself coaching my clients and giving them that much-needed pep talk or the latest strategies or marketing I’ve learned.

Yes, you need coaching, even if you’re a coach. Mmmkay?

7. I should quit because of someone…

Oh, this one breaks my heart and it’s a hard one to get over.

The “I should quit because someone…” story we tell ourselves. The constant comparison lie.

I should quit because… someone else does this better than I do.

I should quit because… someone else has done it longer than I have.

I should quit because… someone else has a nicer website/more contacts/better looks!!

The list goes on and on.

Here’s the truth, dipped in chocolate, for you: You should quit ONLY because YOU want to. Maybe you realize this biz isn’t for you. Maybe you’re burnt out yourself. Maybe there’s no joy in it. Whatever be the case, quit only if YOU want to. Not because someone else may look like they have done it better/nicer/longer than you!!

So, there you go, my dear online life coach, destined for greatness.

These are 7 lies you need to stop telling yourself, right NOW. Go on, promise me by sharing in the comments.