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Do you have big ideas but need help with the logistics?

Maybe you have been so busy building business that you haven’t had time to serve and support your clients the way you intended.

That’s where I come in. I can help you with that.



I’m not a leader, but I’m the next best thing… let me clarify.

Looking back on my childhood… I wasn’t ever the mastermind of the gang and I was completely okay with that. I was the right hand figure-outer of all things for other people. The one who runs with the idea — that little seed that contains everything — and then can water that seed to bring out all its corresponding parts AKA organizes it all and gets it done.

When we decided to start a Donny Osmond fan club (hey, don’t judge), I just KNEW we needed membership cards (have crayons – will travel) and a club house. Well at least a tent fort. OK – it was a couple of beach towels draped over lawn chairs but you get the picture.

See? Need a strategy to get something done?

I’m your girl.

In music, I loved being the backup singer or accompanist to a kick ass soloist (like one of the other Osmonds who weren’t Donny or Marie).

It’s where I thrive.

In business… I’m a supporter, but that’s not all (cue Ginzu knife infocommercials)…

I’m a tech unicorn and maybe a tech fairy and wizard (they’re kind of the same thing, right?).

Then there’s the systems guru (pretty natural extension of being the organizer of ALL things in the tech world).

Lest I forget that I’ll be doing my best Will Ferrell and Cherie O’Terie impressions cheering you on through all the ups and downs of getting s*it done.

Basically, I’m your right-hand-gal with a heavy dose of magic slash your second brain. Let’s get it done

That’s my thing. We all have our thing (or things things), right?

I’ve been supporting amazing, get-it-done business people my entire career too. They’re the big idea creatives, coming up with tons of ideas but never really sure how to get them done or in what order. I’m the one that keeps them sane, on course and makes it happen.

My time in the corporate world was also spent looking for ways to create a better mousetrap for the people I was working with, even if they didn’t ask me to. It’s how my mind works. Why work 10 times harder when you can create better systems and processes to do the work for you?

Today I’ve found the niche that I adore. I love supporting coaches and healers. I support them because I know from personal experience how transformative their work is and I know from the bottom of my sparkly soul that if they have the right support in their business… they will absolutely, without a doubt reach more people… just like they did for me in a way that changed my whole life.

When I take over all of the backend, like website and membership site building, ad setup and testing, design and simple branding, PDF creation, email setup, a comprehensive social media strategy, they aren’t a slave to figuring it all out on their own – spending valuable hours googling solutions and implementing things that could have been figured out fast. Instead, there is time for being in their zone of genius – working directly with clients to help them solve their problems. Plus, let’s be honest, we all know when left to our own devices on the Interwebs, we may start watching puppy and kitten videos instead of getting s*it done.

When I do what I’m best at, they can do more of what they’re best at and lives will change. It’s a beautiful thing!


I believe that coaches and healers are changing the world. Truly.


That’s the business me.

The personal me is pretty awesome too (just ask my dogs)!

I’m not-so-secretly obsessed with nail polishes and appliques. If fact I have 2 drawers in my bathroom devoted to my nail fetish. There’s something about a fresh manicure that makes everything right in the world, amiright?

Same goes for bath supplies, music and wine. Ya’ can’t ever have too much. Ever.

When I’m not saving business owners LOADS of time, I’m maximizing my own as an avid foodie, wino and cook. If you were to stalk me (please don’t) you might find me out in my yard, playing with my dogs or gardening. You know what else is fun? Shooting pool! I love playing shooting pool with my boyfriend (we’re both just a bit competitive). We also like watching hockey (GO Blackhawks!!) and football (YAY!!! Seahawks!!) together.

When weather permits, we take road trips together in his Corvette convertible. I love the wind in my hair and the sun on my face. It’s my definition of freedom!

So that’s me, in a nutshell… I’d love to know more about you too! Let’s connect and talk about your business and how you can reach more people, change more lives… and still live an awesome one of your own, want to?


Let’s connect for a virtual coffee chat!