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Like so many others, I picked January to step outside the box and set some new goals. Of course I picked the usual suspects. I want to eat better, work out, drop some weight, maybe spend more time with the hubby and pups. But I also joined a blogging challenge.  Blogging has been on my list for To Do’s for quite a while. I used to be really good at creative writing and putting together content. How hard could blogging possibly be?

For starters, I procrastinated. Shocking – I know. I’ve known about the challenge since early December. I spent much of my downtime during the holidays downloading and reading articles on blogging, strategies, how to come up with topics…..article after article. With all this newfound knowledge, blogging should be a slam dunk.  Right?


Sitting in front of my laptop waiting for inspiration to strike, I realized I have a serious problem. Nothing was making its way from my brain to the monitor. Not a single, blasted thing. I was totally blank and I know why.

It’s a problem I’ve suffered from for a long time. I’ve talked about it with mentors, received support from online groups and friends but there are times (like now) that this issue rears its ugly head and stymies my best efforts.

So what is this pesky problem of mine? What is crippling my creativity?

Analysis Paralysis, or AP for short. We’re on a first name basis y’know.

Analysis Paralysis - Definition


Yeppers! I got so stuck in my head wanting and planning to be the perfect blogger that I totally psyched myself out.  Sound familiar?

Fortunately there’s hope for those of us afflicted by AP. It’s not a support group or a 12 step program. Just 5 simple steps to get back on track.

  1. Walk away. I know it sounds that you’re giving up but don’t worry – you’re coming back. Walk away, breathe, and clear your mind. Doodle, color, play a video game. Then come back to task with a fresh perspective.
  2. Get it out of your head. Do a brain dump. All of those random thoughts that are obscuring your path – write them down. Dictate them to your iPhone. Whatever works. Just get them recorded so you can quit worrying. Your grocery list should not get in the way of your productivity.
  3. Come back to reality. Make sure your expectations are realistic. I’m not going to be champion blogger right out of the gate. I shouldn’t expect too either. Keep it real.
  4. Make yourself accountable. Give yourself a deadline. Tell someone your plans and ideas. Shout it out on Facebook if you need to make it public in order not to wimp out.
  5. Just do it. Nike had it right. Let go of the fear and take that first step. If you make a mistake, deal with it. Learn from it and move on. Every great journey starts with one first step.

It’s time to strap on the big boots and take that leap. I did. I have successfully completed my very first blog. It may not be the best blog out there but hey – I can deal with that.

Now I want to hear from you!

  • Have you ever experienced analysis paralysis?
  • What tips or tricks did you use to push through?

Share your comments below and let’s put an end to AP for good!.