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My previous post is all about <a href=””>Freshbooks, All-in-One Cloud Accounting Tool</a> and how to get trained in <a href=””>Freshbooks’ Training-References<a/>.

Now, I would like to talk about Google Plus’ feature, “Circles“.

“Circles” can be compared to “Groups” in Facebook or “Lists” in Twitter, though in a variety of ways.

You can put different people in different circles. Kind of categorizing the people in your network. You can also choose to share different posts to different circles.

For example, you can circle your family members and share pictures of your reunion only to them. People from your other circles can’t see that specific post. In other words, you can choose to share things only to a certain circle (or people you grouped together) and not to others. Cool, isn’t it?

Another thing is that, the people in your circles won’t know you’ve circled them or which circle you put them in. It gives you full control of your connections and can avoid possible embarrassing situations.

To create circles, go to your googleplus account or page, click the home button, then people.


Then, these colorful little circles will appear on another page. Click on the gray circle with the plus sign and another window will appear where you can create a new circle or add people to an existing one.



You can create a “circle name” and search for people to be added at the upper right corner of the screen, then click the blue tab, “create circle” to save your new circle.

Your new circle will appear on your circles and you can edit it anytime you want.


To post an update only to a certain circle, click on the status bar and write your post.


Below your post, you can see the default viewer set as “Public”. You can remove it by clicking the “X” at the side and add the name of the circle you want the post to be seen. You can add as many circles as you want or as many individuals you want  in your connections.

This feature lets you control your level of visibility in your network. You can get “social” without leaking some information to a certain group of people and makes you connect with them in different ways.

Circles are also “shareable”. For example, you have 100 clients that you have circled in your page. You may share them to others so they can also circle them as their own. They can rename the circle as if it was theirs.

You can search public circles by typing “public circles” in the search bar of your home page, then all of the shared circles will appear. You can choose the circle you want based on the description provided by the ones who shared them.

You have to be careful in adding the circles though. You may  not want additional 100 people you don’t know, commenting on your posts that you wouldn’t like. Make sure to be thorough in picking public circles. They have to be at least thinking the same way as you are or at least, with your target market. Do enough research first before you add all of them or you may end up cleaning and watching at our network for days. The kind of situation nobody wants to happen, for sure.


So, what else are you waiting for? Start circling your connections and let’s get connected! Don’t forget to add us, too!