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I know. I know. When you think about hiring a virtual assistant, you think about increasing productivity, earning more dough and of course, giving you the freedom back in your business. Sounds pretty good, huh?

But have you ever thought about the emotional benefits of hiring an assistant to help with running your business and putting it on autopilot? I thought not. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Close your eyes and imagine…

You never have to rush around at the last minute trying to whip something edible up for dinner.

You’re always on time for appointments.

Missed deadlines? Not a chance.

Your kids and family love that you’re not glued to your laptop or in a cranky mood, trying to battle those pesky, tech gremlins.

You no longer feel alone and overwhelmed trying to make sense of all the moving parts of your coaching business.

Oh man! Doesn’t that feel oh so good? You know it does. 😉

Well, my darlin’, here’s the skinny. That’s exactly what hiring a virtual assistant can do for you. I’m not kidding.

When I start working with a client, one of the first things I hear is “Oh Wow! I feel better already!” And that’s BEFORE we really get their biz rolling. (BTW – it truly is a freaking, fantastic feeling hearing that and knowing I’m making a difference for them!! Just sayin’)

Just knowing you have an advocate is like you’ve been given the keys to the magic kingdom and no one can stop you now.

Everything feels easy, free, simple and stress-free.

You can almost hear the hills come alive with the Sound of Music! Okay, maybe that’s laying it on a bit thick but you get the gist, right?


Let’s take a tiny peek at 3 ways hiring a virtual assistant can actually end up being better for both your business and your personal life:


1. You have more time to work on relationships

Why do most relationships in the modern world suffer? A lack of time.

Go figure. LOL

However, when you’re not working 50+ hours a week because your assistant has your back, you can take time to kick back, re-connect and renew those connections.

OMG! You can actually have a social life!

Instead of stressing over that webinar you need to set up, you can head off on a date night with your main squeeze.

You can totally go out for Happy Hour with the girls without feeling the need to check your phone every 2 minutes because you just launched your latest, fabulous program.

You can snuggle up with your kids or fur babies and watch movies, without that little voice in your head nagging you about the emails that need sending.

You can be around for playdates, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays without having a constant cloud of “I should be working” hanging over your head.

This isn’t just crazy talk. The reality is that you can be more present for the people in your life and that as the British would say, is a mighty fine thing!


2. You no longer suffer from brain fog

Let’s be honest. What happens when you fill your head with a truckload of things that need to be done for your business and home?


Your brain coughs, sputters and starts to fog up. Kinda like my first car! 😉

Anyhoo, brain fog occurs when you have a shit ton of things to do and no real actionable plan of getting them done. No Time = No Plan. (Been there – done that and it really sucks!)

Being foggy makes you stressed out, overwhelmed and panicky. Then the other shoe drops.

You start to forget things.

You drop balls.

You miss deadlines.

And that stresses you out even more! Arrrrghhh!! Make it stop!!!

I hear ya! You start to grind your teeth and feel your heart beat begin to race. And no, not in the good way, like the way Ryan Gosling makes my heart race. 🙂

A virtual assistant can help you clear your head by getting everything out of there (total brain dump) and onto an actual plan. Yup! You heard me. A real plan with milestones and deadlines. Woohoo!!

Clearing your head gives you space to remember the things that do matter, like picking up your daughter’s ballet dress before her recital.


3. You can actually press pause on your business and still continue to make money

Finally and most importantly, when you hire a virtual assistant, you still keep the keys to your kingdom but you can let it run on autopilot even when you aren’t there.

It’s not a myth.

That’s right. You can actually take a break, a holiday, or (gasp) a REAL vacation and not stress out about replying to emails, blogging or even social media. You can just kick back, chill, grab a Mai Tai and let your VA give you your life back.

These are just a few of the ways hiring a virtual assistant can save your personal life as well as your sanity. Want to know more? Let’s chat! 😉