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“Pam, I have a million ideas for eCourses, but how do I know which one would my customers want?”

If I had a dime for each time I was asked that question, well let’s say, Richard Branson would have some tough competition. 😉

Here’s the thing… Maybe, you’ve been dabbling with the thought about creating an eCourse for your coaching business but you’re stuck in the land of Too-Many-Ideas.

Now that’s not a bad place to be in BUT if you’re letting indecision and confusion keep you back from actually plunging in and creating the freakin’ course, then, yes, my darling, you’re leaving money on the proverbial table.

This post is, however, going to cut through the faffing around and show you how to find the most in-demand ideas so you can not only create a course but also, sell it with astonishing ease.

Sounds good? You bet.

Want to know what’s better? I don’t have just one way for you to find an idea that’ll sell. I have 4. Yep, drawn directly from my premium training and exclusively for your eyes only. I am generous like that.

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4 Insanely Effective Methods to Find Profitable eCourse Ideas

1. Ask the People

One of the easiest ways to find out what your clients or customers are really struggling with is to ask them.

A short 3-question survey or a Facebook poll will give you a wealth of insight into their struggles and what they need resolved ASAP.

Make the questions super-specific though and don’t overwhelm them by asking them a ton of questions. You only need to nail your idea, not create the course with their feedback, right?


2. Mine the Reviews

Go treasure hunting in the reviews section on Amazon. That’s right.

Before you arch that finely shaped eyebrow at me, let me clarify… what I want you to do is to go to Amazon, look for the top 5 to 10 books on topics in your niche and then, read the reviews.

Specifically, dig deep into the 2-stars and 3-stars, because those will tell you what people felt was missing in those books.

Make notes.

Now, be warned. This exercise is time-consuming so be prepared for that. BUT it will give you insights like nothing else because you will be discovering gaps in the market AND your eCourse will fill those gaps with startling ease. Genius!


3. Hunt in Forums

Forums, especially those that cater exclusively to your niche, are another great hunting ground for brilliantly profitable eCourse ideas.

A quick search in these forums or groups will give you an excellent insight into unanswered questions that your customers have about your area of expertise.

Where should you find these forums? Facebook groups are a hotbed of discussion and engagement. Quora is another popular choice. Reddit channels dedicated to your niche will also give you some laser-sharp tips on topics to focus on.


4. Check the Numbers

Finally, your own site analytics will tell you a story like none other. Check out your Google Analytics to discover your most popular content over the last year or so.

Chances are your readers love that content because it’s the most helpful for them. Does it tie in with the topics that you’ve been considering for an eCourse?


What Do You Do with the Million-Dollar eCourse Ideas Generated?

Once you have these ideas down on paper {you are writing them down, right?}, I want you to narrow them down to 1-2 topics that are really burning hot pain areas for your customers.

If you’re a health coach, maybe it could be that your audience is struggling with meal ideas that are healthy yet don’t taste like cardboard or require forking out the equivalent of a small country’s GDP on groceries.

If you’re a relationship coach, maybe your audience wants to finally learn how to talk about money with their partner without wanting to stab each other in the eye.

Will this exercise take you some time? You bet. But isn’t it better to spend a bit of time to nail an eCourse idea that would sell rather than create one that ‘feels good’ to you but launches to crickets?

Yeah, I thought so.

Okay, get to work, Dorothy. You aren’t going to reach Kansas by staying stuck. Yes, I want you to create the eCourse buttercup… you owe it to yourself AND your audience!

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