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Have you built your business online with the help of social media?

If so, then you might know what I’ll be discussing about but for those who are fairly new in the game, this trick might help a bit.

Facebook built two different platforms to separate personal and business profiles but often times, most of our business contacts become our friends, too. This strengthens the relationship by becoming more personal to them and opening our doors to our family pictures, gatherings and others that we think might be appropriately shared to them.

Sometimes, this approach leads to maximizing the friends’ we can add to our personal profile so our next option is to “Turn on” the “Follow Me” button on our personal profile so those people that still wants to take a peek at our personal life can do so.

Let me first show you the difference of a Personal and Business Page.


Now, to the instruction part, here’s how to turn on that Follow Button

1. Go to the Genera Account Settings of your facebook account. Make sure you’re logged in. It looks like the picture below.


2. Click on the “Followers” icon.


3. Your Follower notification if it’s not yet “ON” would say : Get Notification from ____ (whatever you set there first)


4. On the Follower setting, click the drop down arrow at the upper right corner, after the “Who can Follow Me” and change it to “Everybody” as shown below. It should look like this.


5. Then, set your comments to “Everybody” as shown here, too, and click close once done.


6. To add the Facebook’s “Follow” Button to your website, simply copy the code shown in the “Follow Plugin” and you’ll see it on your website, too.


Now, your next job is to increase engagement in your profile and pages, build more relationships and socialize. After all, it’s called social media. Good luck on your networking!