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Girl Holding A Hand Mirror And Looking Surprised

Ever have one of those WOW moments??  I mean, one of those POW moments where you look yourself in the mirror and think “what the heck do I really want to do with my life”?  Awww c’mon – sure you have.  I KNOW I’m not the only one.  Well today I got hit with the proverbial 2×4.

Now I love being a Virtual Assistant and adore my clients.  I’m very passionate about the work I do for them and totally invest myself in helping their business grow.  I love all things back office, social media and techie but a quick video that my buddy Bethsarim Catherine posted by Gary Vaynerchuk struck me hard and set me down a path I never thought I’d be brave enough to try.  But (deep breath) here I go!

Anyone who has ever connected with me or caught a glimpse of my Facebook timeline knows that I’m totally shameless about taking pictures and posting the food I cook and eat.  I mean really REALLY shameless about it.  I post the food I cook at home, amazing meals I eat out, killer recipes, even menu descriptions when they strike me.  I post more photos of food than anything else – even my two fur kids who I absolutely adore!

My name is Pam Langord Bacha and I confess – I’m a hopeless foodie! I am addicted to cooking and creating in the kitchen.  I cook and eat to relax and ground myself.  I feel almost lost without a big spoon or spatula in my hand. It’s kinda my zen zone.  Heck!  I even cook for the aforementioned fur kids.  Talk about a true confession.  LOL! I also love to eat out and experience all kinds of new cuisines, flavors and ideas.  I guess you could call it my passion.

With a passion like that, it’s easy to get carried away eating all of that good tasting stuff.  Who wants to eat dry lettuce leaves when you can have a rich cream sauce?  I know – Right?  Yup!  Kinda been there done that and tipped the scales.  Of course I could go the whole other way but believe you me, this is not a chick that does the whole deprivation thing.  Nope.  Nor do I use a bunch of low fat, low carb, low sugar, low calorie crap crammed full of chemicals and fake sh*t to make me think I’m eating the good stuff.  No way – No how.  Not on this chick’s watch.  If I can’t do it right, I don’t want to do it at all.

So what’s the point I’m trying to get to?  Well I decided today that my passion is not only the food and cooking, it’s the sharing.  After all, isn’t that what a good meal is all about?  Sharing.

I’ve managed to find a good balance between all the rich decadent yumminess and some good, clean, healthy eating.  Call me crazy but I’ve made it work.  I’m constantly creating recipes in the kitchen or tweaking old standbys to make both sides happy. I want to share what I’ve learned so far on this food journey and in turn, learn some new tips and tricks from you.  Food to me means community.  Let’s get back to making food about family and have fun with it!

Does this mean I’m going to quit being a VA?  Hell no!!  No worries my lovely clients – I have absolutely NO intention of changing careers.  I LOVE being a VA!!  I’m just going to let a little more of my foodie passion out into the world.

I’m going to take my wonderful VA skills and build a little website so I can share my recipes and tips and interact with my peeps.  I already have the new domain. Stay on the lookout for a notice that is live.  Then jump on over and join the conversation.  I can’t wait to trade tips with you!! In the meantime, leave me a comment below and we’ll just start the convo here.  CHEERS!!!