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Operating virtually has a lot of challenges like any other businesses except for the fact that we mostly stay at home and do everything online in front of a computer.

Sometimes, it takes weeks or months before I can take a whole day off because it’s tempting to open the computer or ipad and check emails, social media and before I know it, I’m already hooked for hours and my timeoff is gone. (Giggles)


Today is different! We planned a family out of town trip to one of the local provinces where the beach is their primary tourist destination. The best part is, cellphones barely get signal. No texting or internet connection! Perfect weekend getaway for a virtual geek like me, I guess! Or not.. πŸ™


In this beautiful beach, lies a sanctuary for turtoises. A non-profit- organization funds the project that aims to save the potentially endangered sea creatures. I’ve seen their life cycle in a diorama made for tourists, educating the importance of caring for our environment where these beautiful beings live.


From mating, to hatchling to adulthood until they are released back to the sea and find their own adventure. They said that once they are pregnant and ready to give birth, they will find their way back to where they came from, trudging their birth sand.


It takes 20-50 years for a turtoise to give birth to 200-300 eggs, 65-80 of them hatch and 0-1 of them goes back to lay eggs after they’ve been sent back to the sea to fulfill their life’s purpose. They have to learn the adventure of looking for their own food, defend themselves from predators, both man and animals alike and finally find their mate and give birth to hundreds of eggs.


I even asked the care taker why do they have to send them out to the sea if there’s no assurance that they’ll survive their natural habitat and journey back to where they came from if they really want to preserve them and make sure they multiply instead of the other way around?


His answers amazed me. He said “As much as possible we want them to enjoy life, learn to hunt their own food and defend themselves. If they die doing so, that’s life. Rather than keep them domesticated where they’d spend 20-50 years of their life waiting to be fed and never get to enjoy at all, better free them and let them explore the world!”

Spoken like an entrepreneur, fearless and bold. πŸ™‚

I’ve taken a few pictures using my cellphone to share with you my weekend adventure and I hope you get to enjoy as much as I did!



Loving the turtoise so far? Me, too! Here are more pictures for you to have an idea on my weekend getaway, where business can wait for a few days. Or not again? Hehe.. I cheated a bit in writing this blog but that’s offline, best work I can do in times like these…