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Life Coaching Tips for the Overwhelmed Coach PINTERESTLife coaching tips?

Oh Pam! I’m a life coach… I don’t need those tips! I know ‘em all.

Yes, m’friend! I can hear you loud and clear… but for a moment, press pause and listen to me.

How often do you we tell our friends to eat right and exercise, and then promptly come home and dig into that Ben & Jerry’s while binge watching Netflix?

How often do we nod in agreement about taking breaks and travelling but then, work ourselves to the bone because God forbid, we take a break and the business shuts down?!

Now I’m not saying that you don’t do what you say… far from it.

All I’m saying is that sometimes, we need a gentle nudge to go back to our basics. We need that friendly reminder that tells us to take our own advice.

Consider this post on life coaching tips for you, the coach, that friendly nudge.


Life Coaching Tips for Overwhelmed Coaches

1) Write your to-do list, every evening

That’s right. Every evening after you wrap up for the day, pull out that planner, Post-it or whatever you want to use and write down the things you need to do the next day.

You’ll start the day feeling in control and that is exactly what you want.


2) Write down weekly goals and things to do

Just as your daily to-do list is important for a calm and peaceful day, your weekly to-do list is vital for a week that doesn’t leave you feeling you’ve landed in Crazy Town.

Every Sunday evening, spend 30 to 60 minutes planning your week.

Note down everything that needs to be done and goals that must be met, both for your personal life and your work life.


3) Use a calendar and refer to it often

A planner and/or to-do list is great but a calendar is non-negotiable.

Every appointment, task or errand must go onto your calendar and it should be a calendar you check often.

Before you commit to anything new during the week, make it a point to check your calendar and then, say ‘yes’.

You’ll thank me and yourself when you find that you aren’t overcommitted and on the edge of losing your freakin’ mind! Trust me!


4) Review your “plate”

As coaches, building a business and managing a personal life as well, it’s easy to put a LOT on our plates.

I see it every day, sweetheart, so you aren’t the only one.

And it’s totally okay!

But… y’know how at the buffet, you hate it when people pile up their plates like there’s no tomorrow? 😉

Yeah, it’s pretty much the same when you’re at the buffet of Life and Work.

You need to fill your plate so that it’s perfect for you and not overflowing.

That is why the earlier 3 points are SO important.

Also, if you notice that your plate is dangerously close to overflowing, you need to get help. That’s right. Have someone else carry the load for you.

Let’s talk and let me be the one to take things off that overflowing plate!


5) Take a break, often

Finally, and most importantly, you need to take a break.

And nooo, I don’t mean hop on a plane and jet off to Bali, although that’ll be oh so nice too.

But a break during the day, week and yes, the month too is what your body is signaling desperately for!

Take 5 to 10 minutes breaks during the day to stretch your limbs, diffuse some essential oils, pop on some music, drink water or eat a snack. Heck! Take a dance break. I’ve been known to bust a move during the work day. Talk about a feel good break.

Take a full day off from work during the week so that when you come back your brain cells and your body are fresh and energized. Pick a day and stick to it.

And I can NOT even begin to stress the importance of taking time off every few months to travel. Yup, that trip to Bali just might be calling your name!


There you go, my dear overwhelmed coach.

Take a deep breath.

Realize that it’s normal and even, good to feel this way.

Now, it’s time to not only talk the talk but walk the walk and do what you tell others to do!

Want to make it even better? Join me in the comments and share the ONE thing you do when you notice the confusion, chaos and craziness pile up!