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I recently read a blog by  Donna Serdula  about getting leads using LinkedIn and it includes making your profile a winner! She’s a writer and a LinkedIn expert that offers to write highly customized LinkedIn profile that will surely rank in searches.

 Here are some of the tips I got that you may want to apply on your profiles as well.

First: You should have a nice head shot picture professionally taken.

Some would say, “I have a nice camera and I could use a friend to get a really  nice picture without spending a dime!”

 Oh, yes, you could! And so does most of us. So, what could make you stand from the rest?

If you’re investing on your business and your brand, all your social media profiles and pages are part of it. You are your brand, any reflection of you in the social media is a reflection of your business. Make the best out of brand. Make the most out of your social media pages and you’ll see the difference in impression and trust that you’ll get from anyone who views your profile.

Second: Write a catchy headline.

Something that gets the attention of your viewers. Make it a short introduction of what you do and your advocacies. Don’t put boring titles. Be different! Re-invent what you do. For example, instead of just putting Marketing Director as your job title,  you may put some adjectives like Strategic Marketing Director. Something that may catch the reader’s attention and curiosity of what you really do.

There are thousands of Marketing Director out there and we all know what they do but once you put an adjective before it, it makes it sound more interesting. More dignified. Makes you more of an expert than other Marketing Directors out there.

Third: Complete your experiences. The SEO-way.

Treat your LinkedIn Profile as your PROFESSIONAL HISTORY. It is not your resume. An online representation of yourself for anyone who wants to look at how credible you are. Of course, you want to look at your best, right?  You want to show your best!

Since you’re not talking to your viewers face to face, the best way to get their trust is by showing your past experiences.

You also have to consider using the correct keywords you want yourself to be found. Proper keywords rank in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and if you use the proper words, you are most likely to be found.

 Fourth. Contact information and Customized URL.

You have to put your website and social media profiles and pages. But not only that! You have to take into consideration the Profile’s personalized address.

For example: This way, you’ll rank higher in SEO and can easily be found, too. Some people thought this is just to make your URL simple and easy to remember. Yes, it is! But SEO wise, it is the best way to rank in searches.

Fifth. Compelling, interesting summary in a conversational tone.

Writing the best summary about yourself will make you stand out! If you think you can’t do it for yourself, hire a professional to do that specially if you rely on social media to be seen and noticed. Consider this as your marketing tool to sell yourself in a subtle way.

Sixth. A call to action or your full contact information and hours of availability.

Yes, call-to-action like you’re telling every viewer to call or contact you for business or employment. You must tell them where you can be contacted and your hours of availability. This is the part that most people forget and is the most important of all!

As individuals seeking for employment or as a business owner looking for network and clients, LinkedIn is one of the best way to get you found online and once they did, it is better to show your best. Start with your LinkedIn make-over now and on my next post, I will be talking about improving your other social media accounts and pages.