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Social Media Soup PicOne of things that keeps me grounded in this amazing life of mine is cooking.  I LOVE to cook.  I LOVE to create dining experiences for myself. I totally geek out trying new recipes and then trying to “improve” them with my own touches. Sometimes it’s a little extra garlic, maybe some lemon zest. I make the recipe my own by adding bits of myself into it. I add the flavors and textures I love and relate to. Some of my greatest creations were when I threw caution to the wind and just went with my gut.  So that got me to thinking. In many ways, social media strategy is a lot like cooking.

You think I’m crazy, right?  Hang tight and I’ll explain.

How many times have you eaten a dish you love so much that you asked for the recipe?  I confess I do it all the time – even in restaurants. Now think about how you tried to recreate the dish at home and it was really good but it just wasn’t quite the same. You followed the recipe to a “T”.  So what gives??

No matter how exact a recipe is, every cook who is cooking from their heart is going to add a little something personal. It may be just a few grains over that ½ teaspoon of salt but it is distinct. It is “a-ha” or “hmmmm” in the dish. It’s what makes that dish “belong” to that chef so much that they become known for it.

How is this like social media?

So glad you asked. (wink wink)

You can’t log on to Facebook without seeing someone’s latest class, free webinar, e-book, group, etc. on THEIR recipe for success – “I made 6 figures in less than 6 weeks – find out how”, “My First Million before 40 and How I got There” and all those seemingly magical formulas for success.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have great respect for many of these folks and I appreciate the knowledge they share with the world. Heck! I’ve attended sooooooo many of these free webinars, paid for e-courses and have more downloads than my Google drive can hold. (Can you say Shiny Object Syndrome??)


So how did they do it?

ANSWER: They have developed their own Personal Recipe for Success.
(Ding! Ding!! Cooking analogy for the win!!)

Special Sauce

They have tapped into their special sauce of ingredients that resonate with them personally. You may have heard people say the secret is being authentic. THIS is what they are talking about. Adding your own special ingredients to the recipe to make your social media soup inviting to the right people. The ones who you love working with and those that adore working with you.

Here’s another cooking analogy for you. (Because I’m shameless that way)

You love chilies and pungent spices. You’re a little on the wild side when you make a dish. It always has a really good kick to it. Not EVERYONE is going to love all that spice and your personal style. But the ones who do are going to love, love, LOVE that dish!! THEY are going to want the recipe or for you to teach them how to cook it.

And THAT is the key to the whole social media enchilada in a nutshell. Whether you are a bit spicy, sweet or salty, THAT is the secret sauce! Pour your OWN personal brand of Awesome Sauce into your social media soup. Being authentically you in all that you do will help you create a business YOU love and a bevy of clients who love working WITH you.


So what is in your personal, secret awesome sauce?  Leave me a comment below and let’s swap recipes.