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NICHE is a certain product or service an online business owner want to offer to a very specific  group of people or target market. It is the center of the website content and the focus of all marketing campaigns.

Sometimes, we can also hear NICHE Marketing or the act of concentrating one’s marketing effort to an “”Ideal Client”. When we say “Ideal”, the way a business owner envisioned his clients are. Either by demographics, age, gender, religion, type of music, educational attainment or anything that he wants to target.




By being more specific as possible, it helps the marketing message address the “Ideal Client” in a more precise manner, thus, more sales and website traffic expectation.

But, HOW do we find our NICHE and IDEAL CLIENT?

Most online entrepreneur had gone through the process of goal setting, product or services identification and ideal client visualization. If you have a business and haven’t gone in the said process, I would suggest you do in order to empower your website’s message and be able to market better.

If you’re not selling a particular product, finding your niche may be a bit difficult so much more as to define your “Ideal Client”.



Try following these simple steps and see what you’ll come up with.

First. List all your skills. Everything you can do as a person. Be very detailed.

Second. Cross out the things you don’t want to do. Every person deserves to work on the things he love doing most and I’m sure  you do the same, right? so, cross them all out.

Third. Group what’s left according to categories. Imagine yourself you’re in an office setting and the skills you’ve listed should be given to a specific department that will handle those.

Example : Bookkeeping to Accounting Department and Recruitment to HR.

Fourth. List the people who may be needing  your services. Since all businesses needs accounting services, you might want to narrow your “Ideal Client” according to their location, kind of business, gender, age, etc.

Example: You only choose to work with women, small business owners in the restaurant industry, ages 35-50.

That is where you will focus your marketing efforts to. You are going to target women, restaurant owners and find out where they all hang out and be there, too.

If you’re in social media, go to restaurant owners’ groups, get involved in their activities, build relationships by creating posts specifically for their interests and needs, show your expertise and offer services when needed. You can also start creating your email list based on your chosen “client”. Email campaigns should also be tailor fitted to their needs and interests.

Fifth. Create a catchy slogan or message that would go with your chosen skills. If you have chosen Accounting services, that is your NICHE. If you still want to be more specific like Accounts Receivables only, you can also do so.

Example: You have chosen to be an accountant for women, restaurant owners.

After your business name, you can add: “YOU do the Cooking while we do YOUR ACCOUNTING“



This specific slogan has been addressed directly to your ideal clients as restaurant owners. By doing this, they catch the message right away and the chance of getting them as clients are higher than if you choose a more general slogan like “Accounting All YOUR Business NEEDS” for example.

NICHE Marketing is the heart of any business. It is where business ideas starts. It is where our effort as business owners evolve.

What are your ideas in NICHE Marketing? Feel free to comment below and tell us what you think.