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Working on your business creates a lot of pressure, stress and sometimes, analysis paralysis. One way of getting out of that is by stepping away from your desk, take a sip of your favorite drink or watch a movie or video.


As for me, I like iced-coffee and a plain bread without any spread. I don’t know, I just like the combination of it. I also watch inspirational Youtube videos, mostly by ‎ Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, ‎ Nick Vujicic,
TEDx and other sales and marketing videos.

What about you? What do you like doing to rest your body and mind?

If you can’t think of something, you may watch a feel good movie, inspirational ones or anything that you like just to take your mind off of the things that feels work to you. This is for a daily renewal of your energy. I do this at least once or twice a day if things are tough.


However, during weekends, you should do something else. Something more different and takes more time to do for you and your family. Here are the things you may want to try


1. 3-D or regular Movie with Family
2. Amusement park ride
3. Picnics
4. Bar-b-que with your favorite meals, dessert and cocktails
5. Mall amusement centers
6. Your favorite restaurant
7. Outdoor or Indoor Camping (worse comes to worst..)
8. Baking your family’s favorite cake or cookies
9. SPA or body massage
10. Salon
11. Gym or other Sports classes (dance, boxing, etc.)
12. Baking and cooking classes


These are just some suggestions of the things you and your family can do. Doing these activities (or anything you love doing) refreshes your mind, recharges your spirit and makes you excited to get back to work. It also sparks new ideas that you can implement. Sometimes, these ideas don’t come out when you’re under stress so it really helps when you have rested and had a bit of fun.


Weekend getaways are as important as doing all the work and getting them done. Aside from it’s health benefits, physically, it helps your mind to recharge.

If you need help on some ways, you may look for one. Virtual Assistants like me are happy to be of help in any way we can, you’ll be surprised at how much time you can save so you can take a few days off away from work and still get things done.


We all need help in business anyway, so, don’t hesitate to get one. Treat yourself and your family out! Have fun!