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Still Reading Webinar Tips- Do This Instead! PINTERESTWebinar tips are golden, right? You just opened your email and there it is in your inbox “7 tips (or 3 or 15 – whatever) to your most successful webinar EVER”. You start to read and the clouds part, the angels sing……. It’s the best stuff EVER. This is going to make your webinar AHH-MA-ZING!!


Ummmm…… well, no.

Don’t get me wrong. Hey, I shared some of my unignorable webinar tips with you just a few weeks ago.

So, yeah, I get that they’re the best especially if you’ve never done a webinar before.

BUT as incredible as they may be, all webinar tips in the world are useless, pointless, ‘throw-‘em-in-the-garbage’ ridiculous, if you don’t do the following.

Trust me, I know.

What YOU Should be Doing Instead of Reading Webinar Tips

So, what should you be doing instead of reading up on everything you should do for and during a webinar?

You should….

Wait for it…


That’s right! Start using them for pete’s sake!!

No amount of reading, note-taking, head-nodding is gonna do you any good, if you don’t start implementing the tips you find.

Ever heard of Analysis Paralysis? Yup! I’ve told you about that too.

It’s seems so dang obvious but it’s totally crazy how many people spend hours and hours out of the limited time they have to work on their businesses to read articles filled with tips and then, do nothing with them.

So today I’m giving you homework. I’m feeling a little nutty that way. But don’t worry, it’s nothing major to do but I KNOW it’s going to have a big impact for you.

Your Homework for the next time you open up a post packed with amazing tips:

  1. Open up a Word File or Pages, if you’re using Mac.
  2. Title it Webinar Tips {or blogging tips, or email marketing tips, you get my point, right?!}
  3. Make notes.
  4. Print them out.
  5. Put them up on your bulletin board.
  6. Promise yourself to NOT read another article with tips until you’ve tried out the ones in this one.
  7. Rinse and repeat, my friend. Rinse and repeat.

This “protocol” is good for anything. I find so many of my clients signing up for courses, left, right and center and then, ending up overwhelmed because they aren’t able to process all that knowledge coming at them from different directions. Heck! I used to do it myself. I would drive myself totally cray-cray trying to wrap my head around the bazillion new things I was trying to learn.

End result – I was too overwhelmed to implement anything.

I was stuck. Stymied. Dead in the water and feeling like a failure.

It’s crazy, I tell ya! And I don’t want that to be you.

So, as much as I love learning and absorbing new information, I cannot… and I repeat, I cannot overemphasize the importance of implementation.

All the tips, ideas, strategies you read are worth nada, a big, fat zero if all they do is live inside of your head.

Try’em out.

Tweak them.

Test them.

Take them for a spin.

If they fail, it’s okay. They weren’t right for you. Move on.

If they succeed, celebrate and add them to your arsenal.

But… implement them! Make them work for you.

So, here’s what I want you to do (LOL – more homework. I told ya I was feeling nutty today), in the comments below, tell me, what webinar tips will YOU be implementing this week?

Go on, share. Stay accountable and let’s see you do this!