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After being in the Social Media industry for a few months, there are things I’ve discovered that really do increase your page and website traffic. I’d like to share a few that may help you as well. They may not be new but some people aren’t aware they exist.


1. Social media groups exist for different purpose.

a. For sharing blogs or social media posts and commenting on each other
b. For sharing posts to their respective lists and audiences
c. For “Liking” each other’s social media pages
d. For advertising
e. For paid members only or private groups
f. To help and support each other
g. To challenge each other and achieve a common Goal
h. To share information about a certain thing
i. Shared advocacy
j. For friends who just want to be more private
k. For company employees and groups
l. For selling stuff in a more intimate audience

2. They have different set of rules to follow based on who manages or created it and for what purpose. A member should follow those or be removed.

3. The creator of groups can monetize it by asking for a “ticket” or payment to be part of it. Of course, that would be in exchange for group support, tutorial or training, clients, employment information or anything of value to the group member.

4. Your posts can be seen by all members of the group even if they’re not your friends.

5. It’s a great way to create new friends, advertise or network for business. Again, depends on the rules of the group.


6. For a certain demographic or ethnic groups.

7. To share employment and business opportunities.

8. Groups are called differently in different social media.

a. Facebook – Groups
b. Twitter – Lists
c. Googleplus- Circles
d. LinkedIn – Group

9. To share files, knowledge and talents.

10. Benefits in the groups are endless. We just have to learn how to use them and don’t forget to always give back and do your share.

One can hardly survive in an online business if he’s not into groups. Some people may abuse its privilege and anyone who’s not vigilant enough may become a victim, so beware of doubtful profiles and don’t give personal information like address, credit card or phone number unless you’re sure of the person’s character.

These are just some of the things that people may not know about groups. Some people don’t even know they exist, like me few years ago. So, start searching for groups about your passion, dream business, hobby or a certain group of people. Let’s get connected!