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How a Virtual Executive Assistant Can Help You Reclaim Your Calendar (1)Do you find yourself looking at the calendar with overwhelm and desperation?

Do you feel that you’re running from one thing to the other in your high heels like the proverbial hamster, minus the heels?!

Do you crash into your rumpled up bed every night only to feel as if you’ve forgotten something {and you really have!}?

Oh my lovely, I hear you, loud and clear!

A filled to the brim, overflowing calendar isn’t always a good thing.

Appointments bumping into deadlines, client calls rubbing noses with dentist appointments, errands for the home dancing the cha-cha with business to-dos.

Yes, it can get pretty messy!

But, aside from cloning yourself {which is neither easy nor legal!}, what can you do?

You hire a virtual executive assistant, m’dear!

I’ve already shared with you how a virtual assistant can help save your marriage {no kidding!} and today I’m going to tell you how your VA or virtual assistant can give you your calendar back, all scrubbed clean and only with the things you really want to do, like take a nap, maybe? 😉


1. Get Outta the Inbox

One of the best things a VA can do is get you out of your email inbox and into the world of actually doing the things you’re supposed to be doing!

You can stop replying to every single email or even, reading it and hand it over to a VA who can take care of pretty much all of them and simply, hand you the ones that need your personal attention.


2. Don’t Double Date!

A VA who takes care of your calendar will ensure that you don’t double book yourself. You know what happened when you scheduled a client call at the same time as Sammy’s recital? Yeah, never again!

A virtual assistant will ensure you have a calendar that has plenty of breathing space, scheduling appointments so they don’t rub against each other and leave you feeling all flustered and frustrated!


3. Never Lose a Lead

Have you ever lost a lead because you were too caught up trying to manage everything on your calendar?

Well, you can kiss that goodbye!

A VA can give you back the hours you spend trying to follow up and stay in touch with prospects and leads.

Not only will you have more time on your calendar but you’ll convert more leads since you wouldn’t be letting them slip through the cracks!

Imagine what you can do with that time. Finally take that Zumba class you’ve been putting off for ages, right?


4. Focus Only on what You Alone Can Do

Finally and most importantly, a virtual executive assistant will scrub your calendar clean of everything except the activities and tasks that you, alone, can do. Which means a much better use of your energy, darling!

Think about how good that’ll feel… only focusing on what you truly enjoy and what lights you up while still ensuring that the messy, gritty, grungy bits of business still get done.

Nice, isn’t it?


So, if you’re a coach whose calendar makes her cringe and you’re ready to reclaim your time, you and I need to have a chat!