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In today’s digital era, the word SEO and wordpress is known to many especially for online enthusiasts. There is another word though that goes with that but is often misunderstood or know nothing about.

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD), really?

Following the definition in wikipedia, it is a Web design approach that makes viewing of a website in a wide range of devices (from mobile phones, tablets to different size of desktop computer monitors) without affecting its design and graphics.

This has become more popular since the use of mobile device for internet browsing boomed, too! If your website can’t be seen properly on mobile devices, you’re losing a lot of potential clients.

To show you how a certain website looks like in a wide variety of monitors, here are some examples.

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This is an example of a website’s home page on different screens. Notice that design slightly changes with the screen. Mostly, the menu is at the upper right or left side and automatically drops down and show the menu as you click its icon.

Now, can you see the difference? The bottom design of the site on a PC shows on mobile as the user continuously to scroll down on the mobile device while on the PC, all images are seen at once because of the screen size.

This is what responsiveness means. The pictures and design responses to the device’ size, so the viewer can still see the same design even in smaller screen. Programmers know how to do that but I don’t want to tackle much on that side, being not so technical myself.

The reason why I’m showing you this is so that you can check how responsive your website is in different devices. I recently did that to my website and I like how it changes in smaller screens.

Most websites are said to be responsive but when you check on different devices, some menus and pictures appear distorted or out of place. That’s the last thing we want to happen. Giving our viewers any reason not to stay on our site.

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Check out your site and tell us if you’re happy with what it look like on different screen sizes. If not, start contacting your programmer to have it fixed.